Bittersweet Hoop-Back Chair

This is an imaginative interpretation of a classic bent willow chair design where the seat canes run long. The hoop & arms are shaped with twining & braided bittersweet. The frame is alder with a dash of cherry. Red Osier Dogwood & willow are bent to form the seat canes.These chairs both have character & are characters. Each 'Throne' is truly unique. These make great chairs for covered porches or for your homes' interior.

Each chair has been treated with three coats of a penetrating oil sealer. If your chair is going to stay outside on a covered porch you may want to rejuvinate it yearly with a clear penetrating oil sealer. Cushions may be custom ordered. We do not recommend that these chairs be exposed directly to the elements.

These chairs range in price from $1,450-$2,300.

(48" t x 43" w x 36" d)



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